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Leila-Scott Price MAOM. L.Ac.

I hold a belief that experiences matter:

That we were given the 5+ SENSES 
because they are a path we can follow
to find ourselves

That we are made as one ALIVENESS
That mind and body are intricately connected
aspects of ourselves, which benefit by
being treated as such

That tending to the SELF
is work worth committing to, and that
should not involve an ounce of shame

I have lived my life seeking
to understand the human experience

Through food, never just about the meal, but the setting, the lighting, the music, the company; knowing my job was done correctly when the gathering, no matter how complicated to arrange, felt like it had gone off without a hitch; being a yoga teacher, learning to carefully and gracefully guide each student to their apex challenge and back down the other side of that mountain; in my clinic where I practice the art of Acupuncture & Chinese medicine, treating each and every patient as the beloved; as a leader of retreats, holding space for deep work and personal evolution to occur; and much more. 

I have had the gift of working with people
for many years in each of these capacities
and have been honored to administer their care

What finally brought Psyche Soma Self-Care Wellness Packages to life was that fateful day in mid-March 2020, when I, along with so many others, realized I would not be able to work with my clients in person for the foreseeable future. I realized quickly that if people could not leave home to be cared for due to illness or quarantine, then I was going to need to find a way to get care to them. By sheer Grace, the idea for these sets had come to me almost two years ago & were quietly living inside a note on my computer, waiting to be given life. I never could have imagined it would have taken a pandemic to bring them into existence. 

In the midst of so much chaos, uncertainty, and suffering, I feel so very grateful for this little silver lining - as those who have received the packages have, indeed, felt cared for and able to administer self-care. Maintaining a wellness routine is important at any time, but even to a greater degree now that more are aware of the correlation between a strong immune system and their own sound mind & body. 

Living into a sense of our own sense of purpose is also an important part of daily life - and because of these care packages I’ve been able to maintain mine during a time that has rendered my normal ways of fulfilling that purpose more difficult to do.

What a gift. I am so very grateful.

Let’s Heal The World By Healing Ourselves First

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