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Postnatal Bliss
Postnatal Bliss
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Postnatal Bliss

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Congratulations Mama! You made it! Or, you almost have and you are getting prepared for recuperating your body after childbirth and for nurturing that baby! Rest assured, all items in this box are non-toxic, created with your wellness and your baby’s health as first priority. However, as always, check with your physician before using any products before, during, and right after pregnancy.


WHAT: Herbal Sitz Bath

WHY: This herbal soak is fantastic for helping your body recover from the wears and tears of childbirth. 

WHAT: Restorative Herbal Soup Blend to boost energy & rebuild blood

WHY: You've just created a tiny human, but it was no tiny feat! This blend of Chinese herbs can be cooked in just a few minutes to restore your blood & energy. You're gonna need it.

WHAT: Smith + Olive Nipple Ointment 

WHY: This small run, locally sourced soothing nipple ointment is fantastic. Perfectly safe & edible for baby. 

WHAT: Lotus Wei "Self-Heal" Elixir

WHY: It can be tempting to turn 100% of your energies toward baby and forget yourself. But there's room for continuing to care for yourself too. Self-Heal magnifies vitality, energy, self-healing; deeper understanding of the conditions you thrive in; getting to the root cause of fatigue, exhaustion or illness; self-nourishment; sharper awareness of the body's moment-to-moment needs; conviction regarding the need to care for oneself; pattern breaker: allows you to see ways to break long-standing patterns and heal wounds of the heart. And helps to dissolve lack of self-care; fatigue, weariness; momentum of imbalance; habitual pattern of overextending or suppressing needs when hungry, thirsty, tired, etc.; old patterns or chronic situations. 

WHAT: Lotus wei "Wild Abundance" Mist, 50 mL

WHY: You deserve to feel abundant - even when the amount of hours of sleep you get with a newborn may not be. This blend magnifies awareness + sharpened senses; synchronicity; abundance + prosperity; gratitude + appreciation; embracing all aspects of self; gracefulness; attraction and dissolves self-doubt, sense of scarcity, lack of clarity.

WHAT: Young Gentry "Heart Chakra" 10 oz Candle

WHY: Because this might be the most open and vulnerable your heart has ever felt.

WHAT: Journal to capture all those new mama moments 

WHY: Because this one only asks for a couple of sentences a day. No large, daunting blank spaces to fill when you're already tired to the bone. Just enough space for a couple lines to remember from each day.

WHAT: Acupressure points to help with recovery

WHY: Acupuncture is the gold standard of care, but when you can't get to a licensed practitioner, acupressure is the next best thing! Here's a resource for when you're ready to find an acupuncturist near you:

WHAT: New Mama Mantra

WHY: Because there will be moments you need a mantra to get through a tough day (or sleepless night)

WHAT: Access to a calming Spotify playlist

WHY: Because babies love music too


**If you do not see a pictured item described here in the list of inclusions, it means we have upgraded that item with one that is either a better match for this remedy kit or is of better quality.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA



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