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Your soul needs beauty. And you get to live into your own beautifulness. It's yours to claim - with or without self-care. But we've curated a box for you here that will make your skin care and beauty rituals as effective as possible. Glow, girl, glow!!

P.S. The kind of beauty we are talking about here: not about comparisons or living up to someone else's standard of beauty. It is about YOU...your glow that comes from within, your longevity that results from good self-care. Aging happens, sure. But let's make it happen more gently - inside and out. When we do that, it shows!

NOTE: Boxes are custom curated and products are sometimes exchanged for similar and equally effective items. 


WHAT: 2 Sheet Masks, 1 Hydrating, 1 Brightening

WHY: Hydrate and brighten your beautiful face. Need we say more?

WHAT: Double sided jade skin roller 

WHY: This tool is such an easy to use add-on to your skin care routine. It's cooling, smoothing, de-puffing (tip, you can leave it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect on eye baggage). You'll love it

WHAT: Butterfly facial gua sha tool

WHY: This technique translated as "scraping" is an ancient Chinese remedy and beauty trick. The butterfly shape contours perfectly to the angles of your face and the gentle, cool stone glides smoothly over the skin. With upward and outward motions, glide over the skin to bring blood, energy and your inner glow to the surface.

WHAT: Our own Treeni "Plump & Glow" facial skin serum

WHY: Everyone who has tried this has become hooked! This serum, based on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, manages to be all at once healing to inflamed, broken out skin, while also anti-aging, evening, smoothing, plumping, reducing of fine lines, and more, and if that's not enough, it smells amaaaaazing.

WHAT: An AcuLift Hydra needle to use with your serum 

WHY: Put the afterburners on your skin care regimen with this tool. Fill the jar with your favorite serum (ahem, Treeni Plump & Glow would be perfect) and gently press against your face & neck for a deeper delivery of your product into your skin.

WHAT: Lotus Wei "Infinite Love" Anointing Oil

WHY: Because love of self and others is beauty. The rest is gravy. This anointing oil is your perfume replacement because your perfume, if not derived from nature itself, is full of endocrine disruptors which are wreaking havoc on your health, wellness, & beauty. 

WHAT: Lotus Wei "Expansive Presence" Elixir

WHY: Because it's time to step into who you are. Confidence is gorgeous. This elixir will help you move up & out and quit that holding back.

WHAT: Young Gentry #11 10 oz. Candle Amber, Mandarin, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Sandalwood

WHY: Even though the scent is in the air vs. applied topically, the essential oils used to make this blend are anti-inflammatory, healing to skin irritation, and, well, just as pretty as it gets

WHAT: Psyche Soma's own "Glow" Herbal Decoction Tea 

WHY: This blend is meant to help you glow from within. And who wouldn't want that? Sign us up!  

WHAT: Real Purity Non-Toxic Deodorant

WHY: We know, you've tried every possible healthy deodorant and nothing has worked. But this one does. We use it ourselves.

WHAT: Acupressure points & instructions to accentuate longevity & beauty

WHY: Next best thing to acupuncture? Acupressure. These points will help your beauty emerge from the inside out. Want acupuncture too? Here's a resource for you to find a licensed practitioner near you:

WHAT: Daily Beauty Mantra

WHY: It isn't easy making peace with the parts of ourselves we wish were different, but it can be done. We hope this mantra can be a first step to reclaiming awareness of your beauty - completely and totally.

WHAT: Access to Empowering & Calming Spotify Playlists

WHY: Because music makes you feel beautiful, doesn't it?


**If you do not see a pictured item described here in the list of inclusions, it means we have upgraded that item with one that is either a better match for this remedy kit or is of better quality. 

**None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA



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