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You do not have to suffer through the symptoms associated with periods. When we experience pain (cramps, breast tenderness) or discomfort (mood swings, hot flashes, sleeplessness, bloating) associated with monthly cycles, this only means that there are some imbalances in the body which can be addressed. Please treat yourself to one of our self-care wellness boxes. We’ve included a curated collection of items to help your body cycle more smoothly and painlessly. 


WHAT: Lotus Wei "Game Changer" Flower Elixir

WHY: This one helps you get unstuck (and stuck-ness, or stagnation, is what causes most of those annoying PMS symptoms that you might have thought are just part of the womanly deal - they're not). Magnify effortlessness, simplicity and lighthearted action; rapid growth, creativity and spaciousness; freedom from extremes; that feeling when your to-do list is totally done + everything is so much easier than you thought! And helps to dissolve feeling rushed or that there's not enough time; heavy to-do list; overwhelm; everything feels like work or full of effort; feeling stuck, stagnant, or overburdened; tendency to go to extremes (i.e. overly responsible vs. undisciplined)

WHAT: Lotus Wei "Boundless Wisdom" Bath Salts

WHY: Embrace the wisdom that is being a woman. This blend magnifies mindful-awareness; fresh perspective; synchronicity; compassion + open-heartedness; spiritual awareness + awakening. And helps to dissolve impatience + frustration; attachment + longing; feeling disconnected, especially from your spiritual life; negativity, despair + darkness.

WHAT: Lotus Wei "Open Heart" Anointing Oil

WHY: Ditch the perfume you usually use which may be full of endocrine disrupting chemicals and switch it out for this gorgeous anointing oil! This blend helps to magnify your engagement with life; raw vulnerability; revealing the deepest parts of yourself; bringing ideas to fruition; pushing past boundaries; feeling ready to move forward & not be held back; forging a new path and leaving your comfort zone; nurturing ideas; intimacy with yourself & with others; perfect timing; curiosity and wonder; direct channel from your heart. Dissolve resistance to emotion; boredom; apathy; dread; worry; impatience; rushing; feeling stuck; stagnant; going against the natural rhythms of life; fear of vulnerability; being closed; pride; aloofness; pretenses; fear of others seeing something about you that is ugly or scary.

WHAT: Young Gentry "Crown Chakra" 10 oz Candle

WHY: Because you're a queen, a goddess, and we want you to own that.

WHAT: PMS Tea, 10 packets

WHY: Chinese formulas have been around for millennia helping with all sorts of ailments. Including the symptoms of PMS. These will help soothe your mood and your cramps.

WHAT: Female Balance Caps, Vitamin D3 & Omega 3 supplements

WHY: These help balance your mood, decrease bloating and breast tenderness and more.

WHAT: Acupressure Points to help ease PMS discomfort (includes point location instruction)

WHY: Acupuncture is always the gold standard of care, but when you can't get to a licensed practitioner, acupressure can help! And, in case you're interested, here's a resource for you to find a licensed practitioner near you:

WHAT: Mantra

WHY: Some say that period pain can come from deep, maybe even multigenerational wounds of the oppression and shaming of women. Whether it's true or not, this mantra will remind you what a gift it is to be a woman, whose bodily rhythms are so closely tied with those of Mother Nature's.

WHAT: Access to calming & empowering Spotify playlist

WHY: Get the calming playlist going just before you hop in the bath with your Lotus Wei bath salts. Sigh....


**If you do not see a pictured item described here in the list of inclusions, it means we have upgraded that item with one that is either a better match for this remedy kit or is of better quality.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA



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